• High quality affordable treatment
  • Best Medical Specialist
  • Word Class Infrastructure
  • Caring Staff
  • Medical Counseling
  • High quality affordable treatment

    High quality treatment at low cost

  • Best Medical Specialist

    Specialized in medical surgery treatments

  • Word Class Infrastructure

    World Class Infrastructure

  • Caring Staff

    Caring Staff

  • Medical Counseling

    Discuss Your Health

High Quality Affordable Treatment In India With Best Travel Opportunities

Medical Value travel

As the word medical and travel simplify itself like travelling for the purpose of getting medical treatment. It’s an old concept but in past, only rich people can afford the medical treatment in abroad and very less number of people knowns about the other country. Now the days have gone it’s in an era of technology and medical science. Travelling becomes very common, technology is helping people to choose the best option available in the market.

Medical travel to India:-

  • As everyone knows in the world Indian doctors are best in treating patients. indian doctors did many miracles in past and doing continuously, performing the impossible surgeries, per day saving the lives of thousands of people from India as well as from different nations.

  • The Treatment cost is very low as compared the cost with USA, UK, Singapore and Bangkok. The treatment cost is here is around 1/7 or in some cases 1/10th of the cost of USA/UK.

  • People don’t need to wait for the treatment here,

  • The hospital infrastructure, the security measures is world class,

  • People can avail the facility of language translator



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What our patients say

  • The treatments and services provided to us are at their best efforts we were looking for a best orthopedic hospital in India to get a total hip replacement so then Meddriveindia helped us out to get a good consultation and an affordable treatment opinion. my brother who came with me as a medical attendee was really appreciating meddriveindia’s team as he was treated in a good manner and he also got travel experience to various heritage sites in India and also enjoyed the Afghani food in India and some famous Indian dishes while I was hospitalized. so we are really thankful to meddriveindia for their services.

    Mahmud Javid rezaie, Afganistan , total hip replacement

  • As in have got cardiac arrest once and I was suggested go through heart bypass surgery as soon as possible so life is a precious thing and it doesn’t want to take any type of risk. so my friends advised me to take treatment in India that would be far lower cost than USA and Europe so then I chose India a perfect medical destination. I was helped by Meddriveindia’s professional team to get the best opinion and best treatment.

    Mxolic lindokuhle, Nigeria , heart bypass surgery

  • “I can clearly say that the services provided by Meddriveindia were at my satisfactory level during my whole treatment procedure .as I had been suffering from spine problem for a long time Meddriveindia helped me to get best treatment package with the help of best spine injury specialists. their facilitators are available with helping hand at every step from the arrival to the departure like the comfortable hotel stay, safe transportation, free sim card for communication, and also helped me to get Tanzanian food. I don’t think I had any problem in treatment in India. I must say I enjoyed the home-like environment”

    Mboni Katunzi, Tanzania , spine injury

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