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Awareness Campaign for Breast Cancer

Awareness Campaign for Breast Cancer

Awareness Campaign for Breast Cancer

As we all know cancer is a disease which can be treatable but we need to make sure that we can find it out this disease in an early stage, as we come to breast cancer we have only rough figures available with us that this much number of patient is suffering from breast cancer but the exact situation may be too large, because now this disease has gone in small cities and villages also,


We need to make people aware of this as we did with polio and HIV, make everybody known too about this disease, In India, we people figure it out this disease very late in end stages which is a big loophole then very difficult to treat.

Women Aware

In our country, most of the women live in an atmosphere where they hardly tell their private part disease to anybody, which is a shame for us, we need to educate or aware them to don’t hide your disease, let them tell that go to the hospital or help them out in reaching the best hospital for the treatment of the disease. if somebody has a family history of breast cancer then must have a mammography breast investigation in the hospital or lab and must consult a good breast cancer specialist.

Problem with underdeveloped countries

In Western countries, they have a system wherein most of the breast cancer cases they get to know in an early stage by which they can treat this disease easily without over expenditure. While the same situation we compare with underdeveloped nations, they get to know about this disease at end stages then it becomes hard to treat and the cost becomes very expensive which is very hard to bear.

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