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Brain Blood Clot surgery

One more Miracle happens in Indian Medical science, Doctors performed Brain blood clot surgery of only 20 days old child and saved the life. Indian doctors are genius, they did the brain surgery of small child who was only 20 days old with having 1.60-gram weight.

Indian Hospital and Doctors

The case is performed in one of the estimated hospitals of India. where one lady had given the birth to two children, the pregnancy was done with IVF, but due to the premature delivery child had only 1.6-gram weight and didn’t start crying which was very unusual for just born child. the child started crying after some time,

Medical Evaluation

The doctor did some test and get to know that child has a problem in taking a breath. the child was put in on a ventilator and on the 19th-day child got the stroke, then after the medical evaluation, it was got to know that in the child’s brain there is some blood clot. and surgery is needed on an urgent basis. but performing surgery is the big challenge for the doctors because the child was only 1.6gram and giving anesthesia is also the challenge, but the doctor did their job in the best way they opened the brain of the child and remove out the blood clot from the brain, surgery was successful now

Applied in Limca Book of Records

The parents of the child had lost the hope but doctors give life to their child now the whole family is happy and thanking the doctors who gave new life to their child, performing the surgery of a 20-day old boy is a record, and it has already forwarded to add the record in Limca book of records and genius world of records
No world to explain how they performed this, just to salute the real heroes who save the life just like they did.

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