Dental Treatment/Dental Tourism in India

Dental Treatment/Dental Tourism in India

Dentistry is performed in India with very advanced technology and professional skills. Thousands of People each year travel from their home country to India for getting dental treatment as they know they can get the best services at very low cost. Dentistry in India is highly advance, the doctor is world class, the cost is very low, people love coming here for their dental check-up or treatment because they know they can enjoy holidays while getting dental treatment at very cheap cost. Some of the major reason why people prefer dental treatment in India are following;-

  • Dental TreatmentLow Cost                                                                               
  • Skilled professionals
  • Holidays while getting treatment
  • No Waiting Time
  • Advance technology or equipment



India is a hub for dental patients, as every sort of treatment is available in Indian dentistry.

Some of the key treatments with tentative costs are as follows

Dental Implant USD 750  Per Implant
Root Canal Treatment USD 120
Orthodontic Treatment USD 700- 4000
Veneers and Laminates USD 500
Cosmetics Treatments USD 200-1500

Dental Vacation/ Tourism

As the whole world know India is one of the best places for travel lovers. Lacks of people come from different country per year for vacation, as people are becoming smarter now, they are thinking like why only go for vacation if they can enjoy a vacation while having their dental checkup as well. 





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