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Nose reconstruction surgery

Nose reconstruction surgery

Two noses replaced with one nose. Nose reconstruction surgery performed with brilliance
Now there is no any other option left for those who are looking at best medical treatment packages
along with a very reasonable cost except India. India has become one of the best medical tourism
destinations for various reasons. Highly developed medical infrastructure, best of the world doctors, the existence of yoga and naturopathy and one of the best reason is affordability of treatments . And once again Indian doctors showed a miracle, here is the success story of India plastic surgeons

A teenager from Iraq came to India for nose reconstruction surgery that she could not get in any other country and low cost as well. Binafsha a 17-year-old girl from Iraq looks like same as other girls, but whenever she compared herself with other girls, she got stressed, because she born with two nose called nasal deformities that means nasal appearance is abnormal, this is a congenital deformity. Binafsha said that her face looks very strange because of this, and she has lost her self-confidence and felt hesitation to meet with her friends and relatives, and she stopped going out of the home. Her situation has gone worst and she was not getting better treatment in her own country Iraq.

Nose Reconstruction surgery

Treatment Availability in India

Finally, she along with her parents decided to come to India for the treatment of this congenital nasal deformity. where surgeons cut away her two noses and placed a new beautiful nose.
Dr. Ajay Kashyap one of the best plastic surgeons, and head of the Cos medical center who performed this reconstructive surgery said that Medically this case was a great challenge to them. But patients family came to India with strong belief, so we had to do our best,

Reconstructive surgery is the only treatment for this type of nasal deformity. In spite of some complications in this surgery, we decided to perform this surgery because the patient had great expectations for Indian doctors. Dr. Kashyap told that patient gone through osteotomy, In this procedure bone is cut to change its length or alignment. Therefore in the first stage, we cut away the bone of both noses. In this stage, there was a strong complication that we had to cut away the bone near to the skull where the nose bone is formed, and there might be chances of nerve damage inside the skull, so we performed it with high alertness. he also said that we performed an osteotomy of the skull to reshape the bones near to eyes and nose, and we also did Rib grafting to reconstruct the midline of the nose near to eyes. And a new nose was made from rib cartilage. And the second stage of this surgery was performed after two month of the first stage. Recontruction is performed in the second stage
Now, binafsha looks like as other girls, After the surgery, she got many changes in herself she stays very happy, she also like Indian traditional clothes and she likes indian music as well. she is making new friends without any hesitation. Binafsha’s father says when left Iraq for treatment in India that time they just wanted to remove out the depression of Binafsha. But when we come to india we feel something different that we did not think about.

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