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Reduce Cholesterol

Reduce Cholesterol

The chapter on Cholesterol level Increases!

Cases of increased cholesterol are now no more horrific. Sometimes back there were people who were not aware of words like HDL and LDL, but now these words are very common to them. we don’t know what is responsible for this an Unbalanced Diet or our lifestyle, but one thing is surely ignoring the increasing level of cholesterol is unfavorable for our Health in various ways.

Let’s know How to Overcome

Are you obese or overweight? having high blood pressure? Mostly Stressed? Enlarged waist size? So be careful these may be the symptoms of increased cholesterol. High level of cholesterol is also the cause of various Heart diseases like Coronary artery disease, abnormal heart valves, unconstrained hypertension etc and also harmful for our Eyes.

Cholesterol Overview/what is cholesterol?

cholesterol is fat or soft wax-like substance, which is present in each and every cell of the human body. It is greasy in nature and doesn’t get dissolved in water and It flows from one organ to another in the form of lipoprotein particles through blood circulation. Cholesterol is an essential element for the human body, It controls various hormones, helps in the building cell wall and Vitamin D. It has significance in the metabolism of many vitamins. Fact is that 80% of cholesterol formed by the body itself through the liver and 20% of cholesterol reach to the human body through Food. There are two types of cholesterol in the human body that are Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) which is bad cholesterol and High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) which is good cholesterol.


The common meaning of increasing cholesterol is rising of LDL, while on the other hand, rising of HDL is recognized good for health. High level of Cholesterol can cause the following problems.

  • High level of cholesterol accumulate in arteries and results in narrowing of arteries, due to this circulation of blood is not done in an actual way and becomes the cause of Heart Attack, it also affects the working capacity of the brain and the risk of brain stroke and hypertension also increases.
  • According to Research done at Cambridge University, if people have controlled the level of cholesterol in their adult age, have fewer chances of Alzheimer in Old age.
  • Due to the increased cholesterol blood doesn’t flow properly to eyes, that puts bad effects on Eyes.
  • swelling and pain in Neck and shoulders.
  • high cholesterol badly affects kidneys and may become the cause of chest pain or Angina as well.
  • Due to High cholesterol Oxygen and nutrition enriched blood doesn’t reach to peripheral veins and resulted in stiffness and pain in Hands and Feet.
  • Tiredness after walking a few distances, heavily breathing, fast heartbeat, rapid weight grows and more sweating, High level of cholesterol is responsible for these problems.
  • A grey color ring start appearing on the white part of the eye or on Cornea, it is not a big problem but a sign of Increased cholesterol level.



A lipid profile test or cholesterol test is to be done to measure the LDL, HDL, and Corticosteroid. Cholesterol level is measured in per decilitre of blood. It is assumed that chances of heart diseases, Stroke and Atherosclerosis are high when the level of cholesterol is higher than the normal level. so in this situation, Diabetes and Thyroid tests may be required by the physician. In an adult person if the cholesterol level is below to normal level 200mg/dl it is considered good. and if cholesterol level is 200mg-239mg/dl it is the sign of danger, and if it is above 240mg/dl candidly it is the situation of high risk. LDL 100mg/dl is very fine and till 129mg/dl is also good to some extent but above this is not good. HDL level is good at 40mg to 60 mg/dl and above this is very good, if HDL level goes down below 40mg/dl, the rate of heart diseases increased. The level of Triglycerides is considered best below 150mg/dl.

 Reasons for increased cholesterol

  • Excess eating of food that contains Saturated fats, Trans fats and cholesterol like Meat, Butter, Milk, Ghee, Cheese, Eggs, Cake, Red meat etc.
  • The rising level of cholesterol usually remains the same in male and female after 20 but after Menopause in women, it appears more than man.
  • Triglycerides upsurges when the weight increases that make cholesterol level high, Diseases related to Kidney and live also increases Cholesterol level.
  • Hereditary and excess smoking.
  • Side effects of Medicines, Beta blocker, estrogen, Diuretics, and excess consumption of Corticosteroid may be the reason for high cholesterol level.


How to Control Cholesterol

  • weight management is necessary, if the Body Mass Index (BMI) is above 30 it may be the sign of increased cholesterol.
  • Take a low quantity of unsaturated fat, calorie we get from this type of fat must be below 7%. Vegetable oils, sunflower oil, olive, and soybean oil are the best substitute.
  • Avoid smoking, it harms the wall of arteries due to which cholesterol start accumulation in arteries.
  • Take fiber rich diet, if the quantity of fiber is low in food then the level of Triglycerides increases.
  • Eat more and more Dry fruits.
  • Regularly Consume Fenugreek seed, Garlic, Turmeric, and Ginger.
  • Include fresh vegetable and fruits in your daily meal these contain zero cholesterol and Brinjal, ladyfinger, and sweet potato also helps to reduce cholesterol.
  • Drink gooseberry juice which contains vitamin-c which helps in cleaning of cholesterol from blood veins.
  • Include oats meal in breakfast that helps in the reduction of cholesterol level.
  • Go for Yoga, Aerobics and other Physical Exercises.

Interesting facts

Three years back the United States of America issued new dietary guidelines, According to that food that contains saturated fats like Egg, Meat, Cheese, Rice, Potato, Pizza, Pasta, Sandwich, and burger etc are not that much worse for the heart as we are considering. After running out an awareness campaign against cholesterol for four decades, American food department declared a statement mentioned that cholesterol in blood doesn’t relate to our eating habits and also states that there is nothing like bad cholesterol and good cholesterol. And actually, the research conducted at Cambridge university clearly states that people who consume fatty food or don’t consume have the same heart-related problems. It is also said that there is no direct relation between cholesterol found in food and cholesterol found in blood. One another study conducted by Team of 17 Heart specialists claimed that a high level of bad cholesterol caused diseases is may or may not true because there is no strong evidence found. According to this study, a large no of heart patient exists and their LDL is below the normal lever which is 100mg/dl.

Doctor’s Advice

To Reduce the level of cholesterol usually, these stanine group, amlodipine-atorvastatin, Endur-Acin, Colestid, niacin etc medicines are suggested. But be careful while taking these type of medicines, first consult with your physician, follow his instruction and take the medicines prescribed by him. Because taking medicine without Doctor’s advice may be harmful to your body, these medicines can be helpful decrease the level of bad cholesterol but there are chances that these medicines may reduce the level of good cholesterol as well, that will be not good for health. Take your meal at a time and also go for regular exercises. In adult age get the cholesterol test done after every 3 years. Women are especially advised to take care of their cholesterol level after Menopause. Don’t be much afraid of the high level of cholesterol, because some people when they hear the name like cholesterol, fat they ger afraid and stop eating which is not a good way to get rid of cholesterol, take a fibre rich, low fat and a balanced diet.

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