Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

RCT is a procedure requires to save your damaged teeth, it helps to get pain relief as well. It is required when somebody fells cavity, infections in the roots of the teeth. While having root canal treatment, the dental specialist removes the pulp inside the tooth, removes the cavity, give the shape to the teeth, performed the filling part also.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment


Root canal treatment generally performed in 2-3 doctor visits

While performing root canal doctor needs to take some x-rays, it helps to get the exact picture.

The material which is used in the filling is called as gutta-percha, which is placed in the canals and needs to seal the tooth with a temporary inserting ton save from contamination after all the crown is placed to save the tooth from recontamination and further damage.


Need to open the infected part of the tooth

Need to remove the infected part and cleaning is performed

Canal needs to be fitted with a material called gutta percha

Crown is placed to save and protect the tooth from further damage

Single Sitting Root canal treatment

It is a new technique in dentistry, which made this treatment very painless, time-saving and cost-saving, now this treatment becomes very common because it saves time for both doctor and patient. Many times this RCT is performed in a single visit, but it depends on patient to patient.

Root canal Treatment in India

RCT in India performed with advanced skills by the professionals at low cost and save time also. Meddrive helps you to choose the best specialist for your root canal treatment in India.


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