Spine Treatment In India

Spinal Cord- Spinal cord is the central nervous system of the body. In the human body, the spinal cord is located on the back and it also called backbone. Its role is transferred message from the brain to different part of the body to perform a task.

Types of Spinal Disease- In the human body there is more than one disease which is related with the spine because the spinal cord is 44 cm in length so that it has more disease according to its size. There is two main disease which is discussed under.

:- Scoliosis – in this disease spinal cord change its shape like the letter “c” or “s”. Its is common in girls. In this disease human body feeling tired and having backaches.

:- Lumbar spinal stenosis – In this disease spinal cord is compression of the nerve root resulting having the pain of the lower back and lower extremities. In this disease disc in spinal cord change his height so that its patient unable to walk too much.  It’s common in the age of 60.

:- Spinal Tumors – It’s an unwanted tissue which growing and spreading in the spinal columns or spinal cords. It’s a type of bacteria which slowly break down our spinal cord. It’s a type of cancer. Patient having a spinal tumor is unable to walk and having back pain, loss of muscle function, pain in the legs etc.



: Weakness and Numbness in the hands, arm, legs, and feet.

: Unable to walk and balance

: neck pain

: bowel or bladder dysfunction


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