Weight Loss/ Bariatric

Obesity or we can say that excessive accumulation of fat in the human body has become one of the biggest challenges before the world. it’s not easy to get rid of obesity by workout because when a person becomes obsessed so he can’t do that much exercises that he needed to reduce weight.So they must be suggested to go through bariatric surgery. It’s an easy way to overcome excessive fat within a short span of time. There are no complications in this surgery. In India, our highly skilled team of doctors are performing these surgeries.

Bariatric surgery is done in India at comparatively low cost than the USA and many European countries. every year so many people are coming to India from the various countries to get rid of obesity this medical tourist found India a medical destination at fair cost along with a tour to India. In bariatric surgery, a Gastric Band is implanted on the stomach to reduce its size or a portion of the stomach is removed surgically or by resecting and re-routing the small intestines to a small stomach pouch.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Gastric Bypass Surgery:-This is also a highly successful bariatric surgery. post this surgery only 40 percent persons get weight gain after a period of 2 years that means mostly patients managed to maintain their weight loss after this surgery .this surgery is recommended for those who hailed in weight category of 40kg/m2 mostly bariatric surgeons prefers this surgery for obsessed persons this surgery procedure includes division of stomach into two parts upper part is created in a small pouch and the lower part is in larger size and these both parts are connected to newly arranged small intestine it causes alteration to digestive system due to that a person eat less and digestive system absorb less that resulted in weight loss and that will also help to control obesity-related problems like Asthma, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, insomnia, liver failure, kidney failure etc.

Gastric Sleeve:- This is among the first choice of an obsessed person to get rid of excess weight.it is a laparoscopic surgery also the form of restrictive weight loss surgery as other bariatric surgeries  .this surgery is needed for the persons who are many obsessed  bariatric surgeons most of the time suggested this surgery  for weight loss.it is not a complex surgery and doesn’t involve any risk to lose weight. in this surgery there is no any function is performed to intestines  .the way in which how the body absorbed food is not affected by this surgery, so it is less likely to fall short on nutrients. this surgery also fixes restriction on the secretion  ‘ghrelin’ hormone that provokes hunger in the human body so that means their food consumption will also low and that will result in weight loss easily without any complications.

Gastric band surgery:- This is a laparoscopic way to put a band around the top of the stomach. The band is made up of silicon The band has a small balloon inside controlling how tight or lose the band is. A very small channel connects the two sections which slow down the emptying of the upper pouch.

In this surgery there are no any complications, it is very simple and clean surgery rather than other bariatric surgeries .it takes less time to recover.

The band can also be easily adjusted with the help of the team of doctors. To tighten the band and further restrict the stomach size, more saline solution is injected into the band. that’s why this surgery is called restrictive weight loss surgery. To loosen the band, the liquid is removed from the band with the help of the needle. The whole surgery is done with the help of laparoscopy.

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